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36 Great Funny Quotes

36 Great Funny Quotes.

Best laid plans…



What was I thinking!



I guess I’m unique.



That’s why they balance out!



That’s haiku.



We think we’re so smart.



That would be a funny FaceTime session.



And don’t shove it up…



Been there… done that.



Naps are sooooo fun.



We all end up the same way!



Then the next 40 is kinda like the first 40, just backwards.



Some park…



There’s always something to laugh about!



Don’t squeeze too hard.



Sarcasm or rhetorical question?



Don’t want to make people feel bad.



Yup… Rolling on the floor type.



Ablas espanol!






The footsteps are mine and mine alone.



So much easier that way.



That’s everyday of the week for me.



Bearly escaped!



Could have saved so much time throughout my childhood.



Shhhhhut it.






Just nod and agree.



You’re wrong… just accept that.



You’re not even close.



Simple solutions.



Enjoy them while you can!



With nails sticking out of its legs.



Gotta have those pauses.



Drink first…. ask questions later.



Just try it!



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