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42 Murder Hornet Memes Because This is Seriously a New Level of Chaos


Woman Yelling At Cat Meme Murder Hornet Version

Don’t feed your cat salad.

Murder Hornet Meme Answering The Question Of When The Next Plague Will Start


And May is going to be a lot.

Murder Hornet Meme Featuring Will Ferrel Wanting Zombies And Not Hornets

We didn’t want this!

Meme Asking Who Would Win Between Murder Hornet Or Coronavirus

Don’t want to take any chances with either.

Meme Featuring A Murder Hornet Saying Au Contraire Mon Frere

The hornets are ready.

Meme Feature Robin Williams Asking What Level Of Jumanji Has Murder Hornets

Can someone please stop playing?

Meme Featuring A Murder Hornet Captioned With Because 2020 Wasn'T Fun Enough Yet

Strap on, it’s only getting started.

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Meme Titled Covid19 Numbers Start To Decline But Featuring A Murder Hornet Saying Hey


Meme Featuring A News Report Of Murder Hornets Arriving In The Us And Someone Commenting If They Should Get More Toilet Paper

Grab that Charmin.

Meme Featuring Samuel L Jackson Asking Someone To Say Murder Hornet One More Time

Just one more.

Meme Featuring Dr. Evil Commanding Murder Hornets To Be Released As He Receives News That Fear Of Covid Is Wearing Off


Meme Featuring English Releasing Murder Hornets To Quell The American Uprising When They Refused To Obey Stay At Home Orders

I’m sorry, what?

Meme Featuring A Stay At Home Activity Of Painting A Happy Little Murder Hornet

You won’t be happy with them though..

Meme Featuring A Tmz Report Of Murder Hornets Coming To America And Someone Saying They Only One 1 Crisis At A Time

No, no, we’re busy.

Meme Featuring An Essential Worker In August 2020 Is Someone With A Shot Gun To Take Out Murder Hornets

Buzz near me one more time.

Meme Featuring A Cartoon Villain Saying It'S All Coming Together When News Of Murder Hornets In Us Found.Oh, this is all terrible.
Meme Featuring Yoda Being Stung By A Murder HornetYoda!
Meme Featuring A List Of Memes Completed Leaving Just Murder Hornet MemesWhat’s next?
Meme Featuring Ghost Busters Capturing A Murder HornetZapping.
Meme Featuring A Documentary Called Making Of A Murder HornetWould not watch.
Meme Featuring Land Sharks As The Next Plague After Murder Hornets

They’re plaguing the land.

Meme Featuring A Regular Murder Hornet Who Just Kills Honey Bees Versus A Murder Hornet With Karen Hair Cut Who Speaks To The Queen Bee

She’s just buzzing about the bad service.

Meme Featuring A Friend Googling Murder Hornets When They First Hear About ItWHYWHYWHY.
Meme Showing Once Pandemic And Murder Hornets Are Done, We Can Enjoy 2020 Godzilla, please, stay away.
Meme Featuring Jim Cramer Saying Rona Memes Are Down So Invest In Murder Hornet MemesMurder Hornet Memes are up up up!
Meme Showing A Poster Of How To Spot A Murder Hornet


Meme Featuring A Murder Hornet Carrying A Pistol

We’re doomed.

Murder Hornet Meme Showing A Murder Hornet Saying He'S In America Now And He Will Find And Kill You He has a set of special skills and a stinger.
Meme Featuring Someone Escaping Area 51 With New Meme But Knocked Over A Jar Of Murder Hornets Oh that’s what happened!
Meme Featuring Covid19 And Murder Hornet Working Together To Destroy 2020 Plans And Goals

Together, united.

Meme Featuring Will Farrell Saying Murder Hornets Are So Hot Right NowNow run.
Meme Featuring A Villain Pondering If Murder Hornets Were A Bit MuchHornets!
Meme Featuring God Going Biblical And Releasing Murder HornetsWhat is going on?
Meme Featuring A Man Dating Covid 19 Turning To Gawk At Murder Hornets New meme piece.
Meme Featuring A Man Hoarding Groceries Due To Murder HornetsI need all of the milk and bread!
Meme Featuring Someone Saying 2020 Can'T Get Worse And Murder Hornets Coming To UsJust wait.
Meme Featuring 2020 Hearing Someone Saying It Can'T Get Much WorseYou did!
Meme Featuring A Murder Hornet Waltzing Onto Stage When Everyone Thinks 2020 Can'T Get Worse Hey hey!
Meme Featuring Honey Bees Hoarding Alcohol, Toilet Paper And Lysol To Prepare For Murder Hornets

Stock up!

Meme Featuring Joe Exotic Calling Murder Hornet Baskin Bees A rebranding.
Meme Featuring Someone Asking Who Said At Least 2020 Doesn'T Have A Murder Hornet Problem Out LoudWhat fool uttered those words.

Meme Featuring Someone Playing Apocalypse Bingo With Murder Hornet Being The Last Number

Just one more!

Meme Featuring Someone Saying 2020 Is Crazy And 2020 Replying With Have You Met The Murder Hornet

The history books are going to be wild in 2020.

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