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47 Inspirational Painted Rock Ideas

Rock Ariel

You can’t go wrong with a Disney painted rock! Ariel on her own rock was just beginning to be captured.Rock Fishtank

There’s a number of ways you could do a fishbowl theme with a round stone. Here’s just one!

Rock Icecreams

Irregular rocks and stones are perfect ice cream cones! Don’t forget to paint sprinkles and other toppings.

Rock Letgo

Painted rocks are also good for sharing inspirational messages like this one.

Rock Nightmare

You could probably fill an entire room with Nightmare Before Christmas-inspired painted rocks. Take some inspiration from these works of art! Don’t forget Zero, the dog.

Rock Snoopy

Snoopy is another favorite that could cover rocks — perfect for any holiday! Rock Starwars

The force is great with these Star Wars painted rocks!

Make Your Own Funny Memes Here!

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Rock Sun

Let the sun shine with a pretty sun painted rock.Rock Sunset

Even landscapes look great painted on rocks, so be bold and try anything!Rock Birdie 1

A little birdie told me this is an adorable illustration for a painted rock.Rock Cat 1

Black cats are always great to paint.Rock Cats

Look at this collection of cat painted rocks with whiskers and all!

Rock Cheshire

The Cheshire Cat is rather zany, but he’ll always be visible if you capture him on a painted rock!

Rock Cupcake

Sometimes when you’re hiding painted rocks, you might want to leave a few positive and nice rocks!
Rock Foods

These rocks may have a weird shape, but some creativity has made them look like veggie and fruit painted rocks!


The fox is a mischievous folktale character and can be captured well on painted rocks. Rock Harrypotter

Harry Potter has more wisdom than you think — share it with these painted rocks!

Rock Hedgehog 1

A hedgehog cluster of painted rocks!Rock Itis

You never know what message someone will find when you hide inspirational painted rocks!

Rock Kitties

Cat got your eyes? These painted rock cats are mesmerizing.Rock Kittyheart

Again, cats are perfect for painted rocks!Rock Lighthouse

Leave a lighthouse painted rock by the lighthouse. Rock Littlehouse

What tiny fairies could dwell in magical homes like these?

Rock Mandm Sometimes being silly with your painted rocks is a great move, especially for garden stones.
Rock Olive

A food pun is a good pun.Rock Orange

Orange you glad you painted a rock?Rock Owl

Paint some rocks that make them say “Whooo painted this?!”
Rock Paintedflower

Who said flowers can’t bloom from rocks?Rock Penguin

Happy penguin family looks great on painted rocks.Rock Pokemon

Gotta catch them all!Rock Rainbow

Even a simple message can brighten someone’s day.
Rock Snail

Leave a snail rock on the trail!Rock Strawberry 1

Enjoy the bright reds of a strawberry, looks good enough to eat!Rock Supergirl 1

Unveil the hero within!

Rock Up

Adventure is waiting! Illustrate your favorite Disney quotes on painted rocks.Rock Vw

Be happy, painted a little yellow VW bus.
Rock Wander 1

Provide guidance for someone else on their journey.

Rocks Pinkflowers

Plant a garden of painted rocks with flowers.Rocks Seatheme

Seas the day with ocean-themed painted rocks.

Rock Corgi

Capture your dog or favorite breed on a painted rock.Rock Egg

Bacon and eggs are a solid breakfast, and rock painting is a solid art!

Rock Medicine

Spread it with a cheerful painted rock.

Rock Music

Even music notes can be beautiful art.
Rock Paintedpeople

Painted rocks can include people too!Rock Sesamestreet

Your favorite characters are ready to “rock.”
Rock Street

Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?

Rock LoveyouA message anyone could use on a painted rock or a handwritten note.

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