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A Daughter Shares the 11 Life Lessons She Learned From Her Father

Rosa’s father was the famous actor Bob Hoskins. He was best appreciated for his roles in Hook, Hireling Shepherd, Nixon, A Christmas Carol, Snow White, and also The Huntsman, along with other movies and television shows.

Bob passed away on April 29, 2014, following a fight with pneumonia. He was 71. After his death, Rosa, shared the 11 things she learned from her father on her blog.

11 Training FROM MY Father

My darling Father has died. I loved him to the ends of the world and that he loved me back likewise. Throughout my life, he taught me important fundamental life lessons which I’ll always keep in my heart. These life lessons help me whenever I stumble or falter in life. These lessons are my father’s words, the language used is to inspire, comfort and reassure. This isn’t general knowledge, rather he tailor-made only for me. However I think, many people will find them as useful as I do.

11 Life Lessons  Laugh1) Laugh. There’s humor to be found everywhere. Even in your darkest days, there’s still something to joke about. Laugh lengthy and loud and make others laugh. It’s healthy for you.

11 Life Lessons Be Yourself

2) Be yourself. If someone doesn’t like it, they’re either stupid, blind, or they’ve got bad taste. Accept what you are, you have nobody else to become. Don’t attempt to change yourself, there’s no point. Don’t apologize. Don’t make excuses. Be genuine and when others don’t like it, they can f*ck off.

11 Life Lessons  Be Flamboyant

3) Be flamboyant, it’s what you are and probably what you always will be. Be eccentric and different. Don’t attempt to adapt yourself to suit another person’s look or be normal.

11 Life Lessons  Don'T Take Other'S Opinions So Seriously

4) Don’t take other people’s opinions so seriously. Everyone’s a critic, but ultimately the things they say only matter if you allow it to matter. People can just as quickly sing your praises as they can tear you down. Don’t waste your time and effort on stuff you can’t change. Let go of it like water off a duck’s back.

11 Life Lessons  Get Angry

5) Get angry, it’s alright to get angry occasionally. If you keep anger inside it turns to poison and makes you bitter and sad. Get angry, say your peace, then ignore it.

11 Life Lessons  No Matter What You Do, Do It With Passion

6) No matter what you do, do it with passion. Never be scared of failure and disappointment. Should you fall flat on your face then get back up. You’ll always regret not trying. Disappointment is temporary, regret is forever.

11 Life Lessons  Be Generous And Kind

7) Be generous and kind since you can’t take money along with you. When you can give something, give it without hesitation.

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11 Life Lessons  Appreciate Beauty

8) Appreciate beauty, take pictures and make memories. Capture it, because beauty can be fleeting.

11 Life Lessons  Don'T Take Yourself So Seriously

9) Don’t take yourself so seriously. People who take themselves too seriously are boring.

11 Life Lessons  Never Ever Quit

10) Never, ever, ever, ever quit. Keep trying regardless of what your facing. You’re only defeated when you quit, so don’t quit.

11 Life Lessons  Love With Your Heart

11) Love with your heart. In the end, love is the only thing that means something.

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