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20 Timeless Photos of Happy Images That’ll Cause You To Smile.

Take a minute out of your day to check out these timeless photos that’ll make you smile. If you’re feeling down or depressed, re-energize your soul by taking in these photos to help you appreciate the beauty in our history and in our world.

1. A researcher was adopted by goslings as their father (1955).

Timeless Photos -

2. A drum major leads several kids in Ann Arbor, Michigan (1950).

Timeless Photos - marching band fun with

3. Dog jumping beside his owner in Paris (1989).

Timeless Photos - dog jumps in

4. A granny cools down inside a kiddie pool underneath the Manhattan Bridge (1993).

Timeless Photos - pool

5. A mom connecting with her baby (1953).

Timeless Photos - mother and

6. A released Vietnam POW finally reunited with his family (1973).

Timeless Photos - pow reunites with

7. A guy jumping off a trampoline on the beach in California (1948).

Timeless Photos - trampolining on

8. Excited children watching an outdoor puppet show in Paris (1963).

Timeless Photos - outdoor puppet show

9. Romantic moment on the beach (1955).

Timeless Photos -

10. A young boy in Paris running home with a baguette for supper (1952).

Timeless Photos - child bringing bagette home for

11. V-J Day in Occasions Square, New You are able to City (1945).

Timeless Photos - v-j

12. Dancers demonstrating one step from the Lindy Hop (1942).

Timeless Photos -

13. A lady laughing as she undergoes a “head-tapping session” during a physical awareness class (1970).

Timeless Photos - physical awareness

14. The Duke and Duchess of Windsor goofing around (1958).

Timeless Photos - duke and duchess of

15. U.S. The President having fun with a young boy in spider-man costume (2012).

Timeless Photos - obama and spider

16. An legendary photo of Lana Turner in New You are able to City (1959).

Timeless Photos - lana

17. Cassius Clay defeats Sonny Liston for that heavyweight boxing title (1964).

Timeless Photos - clay

18. Nelson Mandela and the wife raising their fists upon his release from prison (1990).

Timeless Photos - mandela released from

19. NASA team celebrating the successful landing of their rover on Mars (2012).

Timeless Photos - nasa

20. A young child watches the jellyfish with awe and question (2013).

Timeless Photos - jelly

(Source: Time)

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