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20 Timeless Photos of Happy Images That’ll Cause You To Smile.

Take a minute out of your day to check out these timeless photos that’ll make you smile. If you’re feeling down or depressed, re-energize your soul by taking in these photos to help you appreciate the beauty in our history and in our world.

1. A researcher was adopted by goslings as their father (1955).

Timeless Photos

2. A drum major leads several kids in Ann Arbor, Michigan (1950).

Timeless Photos  Marching Band Fun With

3. Dog jumping beside his owner in Paris (1989).

Timeless Photos  Dog Jumps In

4. A granny cools down inside a kiddie pool underneath the Manhattan Bridge (1993).

Timeless Photos  Pool

5. A mom connecting with her baby (1953).

Timeless Photos  Mother And

6. A released Vietnam POW finally reunited with his family (1973).

Timeless Photos  Pow Reunites With

7. A guy jumping off a trampoline on the beach in California (1948).

Timeless Photos  Trampolining On

8. Excited children watching an outdoor puppet show in Paris (1963).

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Timeless Photos  Outdoor Puppet Show

9. Romantic moment on the beach (1955).

Timeless Photos

10. A young boy in Paris running home with a baguette for supper (1952).

Timeless Photos  Child Bringing Bagette Home For

11. V-J Day in Occasions Square, New You are able to City (1945).

Timeless Photos  Vj

12. Dancers demonstrating one step from the Lindy Hop (1942).

Timeless Photos

13. A lady laughing as she undergoes a “head-tapping session” during a physical awareness class (1970).

Timeless Photos  Physical Awareness

14. The Duke and Duchess of Windsor goofing around (1958).

Timeless Photos  Duke And Duchess Of

15. U.S. The President having fun with a young boy in spider-man costume (2012).

Timeless Photos  Obama And Spider

16. An legendary photo of Lana Turner in New You are able to City (1959).

Timeless Photos  Lana

17. Cassius Clay defeats Sonny Liston for that heavyweight boxing title (1964).

Timeless Photos  Clay

18. Nelson Mandela and the wife raising their fists upon his release from prison (1990).

Timeless Photos  Mandela Released From

19. NASA team celebrating the successful landing of their rover on Mars (2012).

Timeless Photos  Nasa

20. A young child watches the jellyfish with awe and question (2013).

Timeless Photos  Jelly

(Source: Time)

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