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Animals can find themselves in some pretty scary situations when it comes to interacting with cars. Cars can travel at some pretty fast speeds and highways are often built right next to wooded areas. This can spell out a disaster for any animal if they’re not careful. Recently, a bobcat managed to get itself in quite a predicament that almost resulted in him losing his life. You won’t believe the unbelievable trek that this bobcat was able to survive!

20. Animals On The Road

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How many animals have you seen injured or killed on the side of the road? We can bet that you’ve seen plenty. It’s a horrible sight that often leaves us feeling brokenhearted for the animal that got hurt or worse.

19. Cars

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Cars can travel at incredibly fast speeds and often animals are unaware of how close they are to a road when they get hit. For the most part, not many of our furry friends survive such a brutal run-in with a car. However, there has been exceptions to this rule.

18. Survivor

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For instance, one coyote managed to walk away practically unscathed from the collision with a car. This leads us to our next story about a bobcat that managed to survive an unlikely situation with a car. You won’t believe where this bobcat found himself!

17. Driving

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It was a Thursday morning when a Virginia woman was driving her car to get to her destination. It was the morning of Thanksgiving and the woman was in a serious rush. She was in such a rush that she didn’t realize when she hit a bobcat on the road.

16. A Collision

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The woman was driving in her Toyota Prius when she hit a bobcat that was walking across the road. However, she had absolutely no idea that she had hit anything! She was in such a rush that she could barely pay attention to anything else.

15. 50-Mile Trip

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The woman was heading off on a 50-mile trip to Richmond, Virginia. She proceeded on her hour-long trip and eventually parked the car. However, once she parked she screamed from shock at what she discovered in the grill of her car!

14. Car Grill

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As the woman got out of her car and walked over to the front she was shocked at what she saw. Lodged inside of her car grill was a large male bobcat. Somehow the bobcat had managed to stay in tact throughout the entire drive.

13. Still Alive

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Somehow throughout the one-hour drive, the bobcat managed to survive. Richmond Animal Care and Control director, Christie Peters, says that she received a text that day from an officer. It was a text that she never expected to get…

12. The Text

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It seems that the woman had called the police as soon as she realized what had happened. The police then knew that they had to contact the experts at the Richmond Animal Care and Control. Peters immediately headed over to the area!

11. The Scene

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Peters rushed over to the area to see what was she was going to be dealing with. As soon as she got there she saw the unbelievable sight. The poor bobcat was completely tangled up in the car grill and could barely move.

10. True Story

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We got on scene and it really was true. It’s really a bobcat stuck in the front of a Prius grill,” [RACC Director Christie Peters] said. “When we walked by, he hissed at us, so he’s alive and may be OK, which was so crazy since she drove from Gloucester to VCU.”

9. Getting Him Out

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Peters knew that they would have to work on getting the bobcat out immediately. The only way to do this, however, was to completely sedate the bobcat so that he wouldn’t lunge out and attack! It only took four minutes before the bobcat was passed out…

8. Going Limp

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And as he started to go limp, he started to drop a little bit lower,” Peters explained. “And really in reality the only thing holding him up was a wire… to his underbelly and one plastic piece under his ribcage.”

7. Moving The Grill

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The three of them then began to move around the plastic parts of the grill. They wanted to avoid hurting the bobcat in the process. Eventually, after moving some things around they were able to loosen the grill and remove it!

6. Unharmed

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As they pulled the wire, the bobcat then dropped onto the ground. Peters was blown away when she stepped in closer to take a look at the bobcat. He didn’t seem to be seriously injured at all!

5. Resilient Bobcat

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And he was completely fine,” Peters said. “It’s insane.” Peters continued to look over the bobcat to see if there were any injuries that she didn’t notice. However, for the most part he looked totally fine!

4. Getting Treated

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The bobcat was then transported to an animal hospital so that he could be looked over by a veterinarian. It seems that the only injury that the bobcat had sustained was a scratch on his back. Talk about a lucky bobcat!

3. Wildlife Center

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Image: the wildlife center of virginia

The bobcat is currently being held at a wildlife center in Waynesboro, Virginia. He is currently being watched over to make sure that he is doing well. Once everything is cleared he’ll be released back into the wild.

2. Incredible


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Image: www. Wildlifecenter. Org

It’s pretty incredible that this bobcat was lucky enough to survive the entire 50-mile drive. The driver’s identity has not been released in order to keep her anonymity. However, she is still pretty shocked that she was able to hit the bobcat accidentally and not notice.

1. Lucky Cat

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Image: www. Wildlifecenter. Org

It seems that this bobcat got pretty lucky to walk away with just a minor scratch. Soon he’ll be released back into the wild and he can put this accident behind him. Hopefully he won’t be going near any busy streets again.

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