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City In Idaho Posts Signs Declaring That It Is Not A Gun Free Zone

With a little more than 800 residents, the city of Greenleaf in Canyon County Idaho has hung five signs at each entrance to the city that read “Welcome To Greenleaf Idaho This Is Not A Gun Free Zone”. All of the signs were paid for through private donations, they didn’t cost the city a dime. Greenleaf urges its residents to own firearms and attend firearms training in their city code. Greenleaf already has a low crime rate and the citizens just claim the signs offer an extra layer of protection. “There’s a right place for guns,” one resident said. “A place that they can be used. We should have the right to protect ourselves from criminals and hopefully these kind of signs deter crime in the long run.” After this check out the signs that were made and hung at Oklahoma schools.

You can read the full story here.


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