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What would you do if you were walking by and saw a cat hanging off of a cable wire hundreds of feet in the air? Well, that’s exactly what happened to one cat in Russia. The poor cat clung on for dear life for 30 minutes and then something unbelievable occurred.

20. Russia

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Image: the hill

So many times, some of the wackiest stories we hear come from Russia! This time a cat happened to get himself into quite a sticky situation.

19. Resort City

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Image: azamara club cruises

The story takes places in┬áthe resort city of Sochi in south-western Russia’s Krasnodar Krai region. It is often said that cats are curious creatures and one cat’s curiosity seemed to get him into a dangerous situation.

18. Climbing Around

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Image: daily mail

A cat hanging around in the area decided to start climbing around when he suddenly found himself dangling from a cable wire. The cat was holding onto the wire with its claws and it looked terrified!

17. Holding On

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Image: youtube

It was obvious by the cat’s expression that it was absolutely terrified. It didn’t know where to go at this point, so it continued to hang on.

16. Passerby

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Image: youtube

Suddenly, some people passing by noticed what was happening. One person, in particular, Natalia happened to pass by with a camera.

15. Camera

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Image: youtube/the dodo

As Natalia was walking by she noticed the situation and pulled out her camera. She was able to capture the footage of the cat holding on. However, that wasn’t the only thing she managed to capture.

14. Another Person

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Image: youtube/the dodo

Although Natalia was filming the entire situation, she wasn’t the only person there. Another man was standing right underneath the cat, waiting for it to finally let go!

13. Shouting

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Image: youtube/the dodo

In the video, you can hear Natalia in the background shouting at the cat to let go. After all, it had been holding on for 30 minutes at this point. But, why would she tell it to jump all the way down?

12. Waiting Around

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Image: youtube/the dodo

Natalia and the other man was patiently waiting for the cat to finally let go. However, they weren’t going to let him fall to his death. The man was actually waiting to catch the cat!

11. Rucksack

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Image: youtube/the dodo

The man, however, wasn’t just standing there with his arms wide open. No, in fact, he had a handy rucksack that was wide open. The man was preparing for the moment that the cat would finally let go.

10. Losing Grip

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Image: daily mail

Eventually, after holding on for so long, the cat began to lose its grip on the cable. The man quickly extended his arms in order to ensure that he would catch the cat. So did he?

9. Sad Meow

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Image: youtube/the dodo

Soon the cat was tumbling down and it let out a pitiful meow. The cat then landed straight into the man’s backpack. It was an amazing miracle!

8. Uninjured

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Image: youtube/the dodo

Somehow, miraculously, the cat was uninjured despite plummeting from such a great height. The man and Natalia quickly looked the cat over once the commotion had settled down.

7. Taking Home

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Image: daily mail

Natalia quickly offered to take the cat home with her so she could look over him. She offered to nurse the cat back to health after it had lived through such a traumatic experience.

6. Possible Ideas

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Image: youtube/the dodo

Natalia and the man were stumped about how the cat might have gotten up there in the first place. However, many of their guesses involved a nearby window from an apartment.

5. Climbing Out

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Image: youtube/the dodo

It has been assumed the cat must have climbed out of the window. Thanks to Natalia’s videography skills, the footage was later uploaded onto YouTube. It immediately went viral, as expected.

4. Viral Sensation

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Image: youtube/the dodo

Once the video was uploaded onto YouTube, tons of people went to watch the miraculous catch. So far the video has received over 200,000 views. So many people left behind such amazing comments!


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Image: youtube/the dodo

One user wrote, “Wow! That is one awesome guy to go all the way to rescue this poor cat. She is indeed lucky to meet this hero at the right moment.” Everyone was so grateful to the man who went out of his way to help.

2. Doing Better

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Image: youtube/the dodo

How has the cat been doing these days? Well, according to Natalia, the cat has been doing much better. It’s been a miraculous turnaround.

1. Good Samaritans

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Image: youtube/the dodo

Thankfully, these good Samaritans were around to help save this poor, helpless cat. It was a truly miraculous rescue that occurred in Russia.

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