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The LA Autoshow heralded the launch of Tesla’s new Blade Runner inspired Cybertruck. It’s angular trapezoidal design is a nod to the now retired father of stealth design, the F-117A Stealth Fighter. However, a stealth truck, the Tesla Cybertruck is NOT. The Cybertruck’s shiny stainless steel exoskeleton renders it as stealthy as a Mack Truck. This exterior design is sure to raise eyebrows, and will be testing the limits of tolerance for change, in the traditionalists of pickup trucks at the heart of the country.

Sideview Of Tesla Cybertruck

Stealth in shape, not in deed. Source: tesla. Com

Cropped Side View Of F117A Stealth Fighter

Source: wikipedia

Elon Musk was quick to tout the truck’s sports car like acceleration and its unmatched cargo towing capacity. The Cybertruck can go 0 – 60 in 2.9 seconds flat, but it’s no one-trick pony; the top model can haul an impressive 14,000lbs of cargo.

Tesla Cybertruck Hauling Trailer

You never have to worry about cargo hauling capacity with the cybertruck. Source: tesla. Com

There are 3 drive train options ranging from a 250 mi range rear wheel drive single motor option to an impressive 500 mi range all wheel drive model fitted with 3 electric motors. The flatbed is outfitted with a retractable cover and an industry first, integrated ramp, which allows easy loading and unloading of cargo or your favorite all terrain vehicle. Musk also took the opportunity to introduce the Tesla Electric ATV which can be charged on the Cybertruck flatbed.

Tesla Cybertruck With Integrated Ramp Carrying An Atv

Load and unload your favorite recreational vehicle with ease. Source: tesla. Com

The Cybertruck’s flatbed versatility is also demonstrated on their website which shows a camper option built onto the flatbed.

Tesla Cybertruck Outfitted With Camper Option

Glamping will take on a whole new meaning with the cybertruck. Source: tesla. Com

Elon also wasted no time in demonstrating the truck’s heavy duty quality. The stainless steel exoskeleton is the same steel used in the SpaceX starship so you know the body panels are tough enough to endure space flight. On stage, a sledgehammer was used to hit the side body panel of the Cybertruck and it left no visible damage whatsoever.

The demonstration of the bulletproof glass however, did not go according to plan… or did it? The Tesla Fail generated huge buzz! Pure. Marketing. Genius.

Adding to the environmental credentials, the Cybertruck comes with an optional solar panel covered retractable flatbed cover. This gives you the option of charging your Cybertruck while it’s parked. You’ll benefit from reducing your charging costs, reducing your carbon footprint, and even extending your range!

Tesla Cybertruck With Integrated Solar Panel On Retractable Flatbed Cover

Charge your cybertruck for free. Source: tesla. Com

The Tesla Cybertruck will begin production in 2021 and aims to begin deliver in late 2021. The starting price of the Cybertruck is $39,900 for the single motor model. For the dual motor model, the starting price is $49,900 and for the top of the line tri-motor model, the starting price is $69,900. As in previous fundraising programs such as with their Model S, Model 3, Model X and their flamethrower, they’re accepting $100 refundable deposits immediately for reservations. Final configurations will be available when production begins in 2021.

So after reading the details… can its “Form over Function” design be forgiven? You be the judge.


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