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Heading into work each day to complete the same ol’ tasks can get pretty boring. After all, how much excitement can you really get from a stack of papers while working in an office? Well, today you might just be grateful for your predictable job after you take a look at these 20 hilariously disastrous work days. Even on your worst work day, we can almost guarantee you haven’t had to deal with disasters like these…

20. Cleanliness

Screen Shot 2018 11 06 At 1 21

Image: boredom therapy

Talk about a really crappy day job! We can’t imagine this kind of work being any fun. However, a paying job is a paying job after all.

19. Difficult Landing

Screen Shot 2018 11 06 At 1 32

Image: boredom therapy

It seems that these birds have gotten mixed up about their navigation. They often say that  a single bird can complicate landings and takeoffs for a plane, so we can only imagine the stress that this pilot was going through.

Next, we have a landing job that should seriously be questioned…

18. Balancing Act

Screen Shot 2018 11 06 At 1 35

Image: boredom therapy

Landing a helicopter is definitely not an easy job, however, this landing seems a bit much.  It seems that this pilot really wanted to test out his balancing skills. Hopefully he landed it just right!

17. Dirty Water

Screen Shot 2018 11 06 At 1 36

Image: boredom therapy

No matter how much paperwork you’re stuck with, we can bet it’s not as bad as this guy’s job. After all, we can’t imagine the smell of that muddy water being anything appealing.

16. Milk Spill

Screen Shot 2018 11 06 At 1 40

Image: boredom therapy

They say there’s no use crying over spilled milk. However, have they ever said anything about crying over cartons and cartons of spilled milk? We can imagine this Walmart employee was not too happy about his clean-up job.

15. Broken Eggs

Screen Shot 2018 11 06 At 1 49

Image: boredom therapy

They say you gotta crack a few eggs to make an omelette. However, we’re not entirely sure if cracking this many is a part of the process. Seems like this guy may be out of a job soon…

14. Dirty Job

Screen Shot 2018 11 06 At 1 53

Image: boredom therapy

It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it! Well, that’s at least what they told this guy. It seems like this guy has been through a lot. Kind of makes you feel more appreciative for your day job.

13. Parking Job

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Screen Shot 2018 11 06 At 1 58

Image: boredom therapy

We’re not quite sure what this guy’s job was. Was he meant to park the cars? Was he supposed to keep them from falling into the water from the start? Whatever he was supposed to do, we can bet he didn’t do it right.

Next, we have another car situation that didn’t turn out well.

12. Messed Up

Screen Shot 2018 11 06 At 2 02

Image: boredom therapy

How does someone mess up this badly?! We can’t even begin to imagine the explanation that the driver had to give to the owner of the Aston Martin. Either way, this is not a pretty sight.

11. Construction Job

Screen Shot 2018 11 06 At 2 05

Image: boredom therapy

Some days mistakes happen on the job. Other days, really big mistakes happen, like completely flipping over an enormous construction tractor. We’re not sure how this happened but we can guess that it was pretty epic.

10. Acrobats

Screen Shot 2018 11 06 At 2 13

Image: boredom therapy

There are certain jobs that are quite dangerous and companies work hard to keep their employees trained. In order to properly train utility line workers, they have training areas like this. It looks like in order to be a utility line worker you have to be a bit acrobatic.

9. Concrete Evidence

Screen Shot 2018 11 06 At 2 16

Image: boredom therapy

We can’t imagine the kind of conversation that would go on between the construction worker and the owner of this car. However, it seems that the car owner has come concrete evidence on his side in this case!

8. Photography Problems

Screen Shot 2018 11 06 At 2 19

Image: boredom therapy

Seems like this photography has gotten himself into a complicated situation. We’re going to bet that he’ll never see the photos he took ever again. But, at least this lion can take some epic selfies now.

7. Sad

Screen Shot 2018 11 06 At 2 21

Image: boredom therapy

This man as suffered defeat at the doors of the elevator. He knows that one should never stand up against the greatly revered elevator without some back-up. Now he’ll never finish vacuuming!

6. It’s Complicated

Screen Shot 2018 11 06 At 2 23

Image: boredom therapy

We’re not exactly sure how one manages to get into a situation like this one. However, we’re pretty sure there’s no great way to explain to someone that you crashed a crane through their roof.

5. Home Repairs

Screen Shot 2018 11 06 At 2 25

Image: boredom therapy

Home repairs are already a tough job to undertake. However, it doesn’t make it any easier when someone pokes you with a broomstick after you’ve crashed through their ceiling. Just a wild guess.

4. Paint Job

Screen Shot 2018 11 06 At 2 27

Image: boredom therapy

It seems that someone forgot to cover the paint before driving off. It seems that a painting job was completed, but obviously not the right one!

3. Ink Magic

Screen Shot 2018 11 06 At 2 28

Image: boredom therapy

Photocopy machines are supposed to make the office an easier place to work in. However, it seems that this photocopy machine had a bone to pick with the workers. He decided to unload all over the place!

2. Height Problems

Screen Shot 2018 11 06 At 2 28 2

Image: boredom therapy

Athletes are known for being in shape and usually pretty tall. One journalist quickly realized that her height would be a problem as she interviewed one athlete. So she had to throw off her heels and step on top of a stool!

1. Bomb Squad

Screen Shot 2018 11 06 At 2 32

Image: boredom therapy

Working as an electrician isn’t supposed to be this complicated, is it? Well, we can’t blame this electrician for covering up when coming in close contact with a bunch of messed up wires like these.

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