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A young Boxer puppy had a terrible time in life. He was abused, shot, and almost died. As he was fighting for his life, a New York City rescue group had him transferred to their facility. That’s where he met Simon, a Border Collie who reached out to him during his toughest battle yet. Their friendship touched the hearts of animal lovers all around the world.

12. A Horrifying Crime


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Sammie was just 16 weeks old when he was the victim of attempted murder. Someone spray-painted his body, shot him in the head with a .22 caliber rifle and then dragged him behind a car. The criminals dropped him off at the shelter and marked him as a stray.

11. Critical Condition

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When the people of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC saw what happened, they contacted the shelter right away. Their mission is to take care of the most abused dogs. Sammie certainly fit the bill. He was in critical condition and wasn’t expected to survive. But this were about to take a turn for the better.

10. Shattered

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Sammie was weak and couldn’t stand. His back leg was shattered from being dragged. He needed medical attention and just as badly, he needed love. That’s exactly what he got thanks to a one-year old Border Collie who was hospitalized at the same time.

9. Battling Mange

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Simon was just a year old but he was battling mange. This is a dangerous condition that is hard to recover from. However, from the moment Simon met Sammie, his own recovery took a backseat to comforting the injured puppy.

8. Touching Gesture

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Simon saw Sammie on the operating room table, preparing to undergo one of three surgeries needed to save his life. Immediately Simon went to Sammie and put his paw on top of Sammie’s paw. He wanted to comfort the dog, Just as people do when they have a loved one who is sick. The hospital staff were touched by his gesture.

7. Viral Senation

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The image of the two in the OR was shared all around the world. Millions of people have read about this moment between two dogs. The people Rescue Dogs Rock NYC said it proves “our companion animals DO FEEL pain and show compassion for others ….Do not ever doubt the POWER of our beloved companion animals !!!”

6. Friendship

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As the weeks went by, Simon became and even more steadfast friend to Sammie. Simon was there for him when he had a three-hour surgery to repair damage to both of his back legs. The doctors discovered during the procedure that the back right leg as already worn to the bone with over three-quarters of it missing. He also battled severe infections.

5. TLC

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Thanks to Simon and the rescue team, Sammie got plenty of TLC before and after every surgery. They even signed his cast Simon would come for regular visits. Sammie fought hard, having to be cared for around the clock and kept on strict cage rest.

4. Expensive Care

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Sammie’s medical care as extremely expensive. They set up a You Caring Fund with a $17,500 goal. The fund quickly exceeded its goal. Extra funds were used to take care of all dogs that needed a helping hand.

3. Happy Endings

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Both dogs’ stories have a happy ending. Simon got a new home and family. Thankfully, Simon recovered from his serious mange. His good deeds were rewarded and today he has a new life.

2. New Family

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Sammie also recovered. The spray paint was removed. He had lots of rehab on his legs in order to recover his mobility, but he finally made it through. He got an adopter in a home where people love him. Sammie’s new family also includes another dog, and he adores his new brother.

1. Rescue Dogs Rock

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As for Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, the non-profit that started out in 2015 is still going strong. They exist solely on donations from their many supporters. By spreading the news about cases like these, they can raise awareness about the plight of animals who are dumped or homeless. Your contribution to their cause can help dogs like Simon and Sammie.

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