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10 Funny Headlines Memes For May 24 2021

1. Billions of Cicadas Emerging in Eastern US

Billions Of Cicadas Emerging Meme

Read about the plague of cicadas here.

2. Infrastructure Bill Crumbling

Infrastructure Bill Crumbling Meme

Find out what congress is arguing about.

3. Virgin Galactic’s Successful Test Flight

Virgin Galactic Meme

Read about Virgin Galactic’s test flight.

4. Kate Hudson Cuts off Boyfriend’s Ponytail

Kate Hudson Cut Boyfriend'S Pony Tail Meme

Find out why Kate cut off her boyfriend’s ponytail.

5. 12 Mass Shootings Took Place in US This Past Weekend

Mass Shootings In Us Meme

Read about the awful mass shootings that took place this weekend.

6. US Considered Using Nukes to Deter China’s Taiwan Invasion

Us Considered Nukes To Deter China Meme

Find out when the US actually contemplated nukes on china.

7. Italian Cable Car Crash Kills 14

Cable Car Crash Meme

Find out about this tragic accident here.

8. Wuhan Institute of Virology Researcher Illness Raises Questions

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Wuhan Researchers Ill Meme

Read the details of Wuhan’s secretive institute of virology.

9. 21 Ultramarathoners Die During Ultramarathon in China

Ultramarathoners Die Meme

Find out about this ultramarathon tragedy.

10. Ryanair Flight Forced to Land in Minsk by Belarussian Govt.

Ryanair Flight Hijacked Meme

Read about this government directed hijack incident here.

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