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10 Funny News Headline Memes For May 28 2021

1. Uber Drivers Votes Unionization

Uber Drivers Unionize Meme

Read about this development.

2. Amazon Buys MGM for 8 Billion Dollars

Amazon Buys Mgm For 8 Billion Meme

Find out about Amazon’s daring purchase.

3. Tiger Ready to Talk about Accident

Tiger Woods Talks About His Accident Meme

Read about the details of his accident.

4. Japanese Invent Edible Plastic Bag

Japanese Invents Edible Plastic Bag Meme

Find out about this crazy invention.

5. Wuhan Lab Theory’s New Found Credibility

Wuhan Lab Theory Gains New Credibility Meme

Read about the latest developments on this theory.

6. Canadian Lawmaker Caught On Camera Urinating

Canadian Law Maker Caught Urinating On Camera Meme

Find out if this story is taking the piss.

7. Matthew Perry Suffered Anxiety While Filming Friends

Matthew Perry Had Anxiety While Filming Friends Meme

Find out about Matthew Perry’s Anxiety Episodes.

8. Bill Cosby Denied Parole

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Bill Cosby Denied Parole Meme

Read the details of Bill Cosby’s parole ordeal.

9. Germany to Pay Namibia 1.3 Billion Euros

Germany To Pay Namibia For Genocide Meme
Find out about this historic payment.

10. China Calls for Investigation into US Lab

China Calls For Investigation Into Us Lab Meme

Read about this he said she said blame game.

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