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10 Funny Top Headline Memes for Today May 18 2021

1. Baseball Player Ok After Getting Hit by 94mph Fastball

Baseball Player Gets Hit By Fastball Meme

Follow his story here.

2. Ex-Astronaut Shares Tips on Readjusting after Isolation

Ex Astronaut Shares Tips On Readjusting After Isolation

See how you can benefit from his tips.

3. Belgian Ambassador’s Wife Claims Diplomatic Immunity after Slapping Korean Store Assistant

Belgian Ambassador'S Wife Claims Diplomatic Immunity

Find out the whole story here.

4. Prince Harry Talks About Mental Health Issues

Price Harry Discusses Mental Health Problems Meme

Read all about these first world problems.

5. Supplements Make Cows Fart Less

Low Carbon Cow Meme

Check out the story behind these money making climate friendly cows.

6. Biden’s Ruthless Presidency

Biden Policy On Middle East Conflict Meme

Find out the thinking behind Biden’s ruthless policy.

7. Surfer Dies After Shark Attack

Surfer Dies After Shark Attack Meme

Find out what happened here.

8. Oil Companies Told to Stop Drilling

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Oil Companies Told To Stop Drilling Meme

Read more about the controversy.

9. Havana Illness at Whitehouse

Havana Illness Meme

Read more about the new cases of the Havana Illness near the Whitehouse.

10. India Ravaged by Cyclone During Deadly Covid Second Wave.

India Hit By Cyclone And Covid19 Meme

Find out more about this developing tragedy.

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