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Grow Your Own Avocado Tree and Eat Guac 4 Free with AvoSeedo

Tired of buying avocados at the store every week? It seems like the avocado has had an explosion in popularity, with the little green fruit (yes, it’s a fruit) being used in everything from smoothies to pudding to soup. While these might not sound tasty to you, you may want to use avocado for other things, such as guacamole or just as a topping for a salad or burger. Bags of avocados add up, and if you want to save money…why not just grow your own avocados? You can with AvoSeedo.

Grow Your Own Avocado Tree With Avoseedo

Once you buy the AvoSeedo, you just need to have a nice avocado, and open it up to get the pit. Sure, eat the rest but don’t throw away that pit! The AvoSeedo instructions say you need to peel the thick skin away from the pit. Once you’ve done that, you put the avocado pit into the AvoSeedo container, then place that into a bowl of water. You’ll also need to mark your avocado seed date so you can change the water every 2 to 3 weeks. After a while, you’ll find fresh avocados with your very own avocado tree.

Avocado Tree Grown With Avoseedo

There are a few options when purchasing AvoSeedo. AvoSeedo, the main gadget, retails for under $15 and the manufacturer says it “increases the success rate of the avocado germination.” The device has been designed to remain on the surface at all times, so that as the water level lowers, the AvoSeedo lowers with it, still remaining on the surface. The gadget was developed as an alternative to the traditional way of growing your own avocado tree, which was to use a toothpick and pit combination, except the toothpick method meant that the pit needed to be perforated, increasing the risk for damage. The basic AvoSeedo comes in pink, evergreen, transparent and blue. You can also buy a 3-pack for $19.99.

First Step Of Growing Your Own Avocado Tree With Avoseedo

Now if you want to get serious about your avocado germination, then the company has some additional products that will help you on your journey. The AvoSeedo Set contains 1 AvoSeedo, a plant pot and a saucer. The plant pot is a handy way to keep your avocado growing securely, and when your avocado plant is about 20 cm tall, you can just remove the plant from the AvoSeedo to plant with soil into the pot; the plant pot set comes in green/green, white/green, transparent/green, and transparent/transparent.

AvoSeedo sells a $5.99 gallon/4 liter avocado grow bag to help the roots from circling and boost your plant’s growth; the bags are available in green and white. Finally, if you want to know everything avocado, then you can purchase the Watch Me Grow AvoSeedo Book Set for $17.99, which has a hardcover book all about avocados from breeds, growing tips, activity flags and more. This book is suited for children and would be a good buy for any budding young gardener.


All of the AvoSeedo products are available on AvoSeedo website as well as It will take just 3 to 6 weeks for you to grow your own avocado tree and then you can have fresh guac any time you want!


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