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Give Your Ears a Thorough Cleaning With OtoSet Earwax Headset

Before you say “Ewwww” and cringe, I’d like you to take a look at the OtoSet Earwax Headset. Deep down in your heart, you know that you need this product. Don’t you want to rid your ears of age old “nuggets” that you have been stockpiling since you were a kid? Or would you rather go to a doctor and have your ears cleaned for a hefty fee?

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The choice is yours. I’d go for the OtoSet Earwax Headset any time of the day. It is easily affordable, and works like a charm. On the outside, this headset looks like a Beats Headphone. I wish it can play music as the ear cleaning thing goes on, but that is not the case. At best, this device is supposed to be worn over your head like a regular pair of headphones and the rest is taken care of automatically.

What You Need to Know about SafKan OtoSet Earwax Headset?

SafKan is the name of the company behind the OtoSet Earwax Headset. Some say that they have reduced the painstaking process of getting your ears professionally cleaned. It is true because a professional will take 20 – 30 minutes to remove all the gunk inside the ear canal.

I remember my dad hiring the services of a doctor to get his ears cleaned. It was over a decade ago. This guy took two days to complete the entire process. Anyhow, things have changed now. The average duration for cleaning the ears is no more than half an hour. On the other hand, OtoSet Earwax Headset reduces this time to 35 seconds. What’s even better is the following highlights about this product:

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  • OtoSet Earwax Headset by SafKan cleans ears through a patented irrigation technology. Sounds funny as the word imposes a canal of earwax running out of one’s ears.
  • The device reduces the risk of eardrum damage, lacerations and unforeseen accidents.
  • More importantly, using the OtoSet Earwax Headset is a completely pain free process.
  • Features removable perforated silicone nozzles for easy replacement.

I don’t know for sure if this earwax cleaning headset is FDA approved, but it does work as advertised. Speaking of cleaning ears the good old fashioned way, Elephant Earwax Remover is another great product. This one comes with a liquid which melts the earwax to help remove it quickly.

Otoset Earwax Headset Is Better Than Elephant Earwax Cleaner

On the contrary, the OtoSet Earwax Headset works a little differently. Inside both ear cups, there is a silicone nozzle. You are supposed to wear the headset in a way that the nozzles are placed inside your ears. Now just wait for 35 – 50 seconds for the automated irrigation process to complete. That’s all there is to it.

Closing Thoughts about OtoSet Earwax Headset

Sometimes, depending on the ancient deposits in your ear, the nozzles may take over a minute to get the job done. Rest assured, it will suck the wax as much as possible without causing any issues etc. A lot of users have expressed their opinion about OtoSet Earwax Headset in a positive way. They said that not only did the device clean their ears, but it also improved their hearing quality.

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It is true that over time when wax deposits accumulate in your ears, your hearing quality reduces. This does not happen overnight. You will notice a deterioration in your hearing levels after several years. The best and the only come around solution to this dilemma is to clean your ears.

One way or another, you will eventually need to perform the ear cleaning ritual because there is no alternative. A doctor will charge you a fortune. On the other hand, you can get off with better results with the OtoSet Earwax Headset. The choice is yours.

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