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Samsung Gaming Monitor Takes Your Gaming to the Big Screens

There’s gaming, and then there’s ultra gaming with the best equipment. We’d wager that Samsung’s 49″ CHG90 QLED Gaming Monitor. This monster screen is supposedly the “widest in the world,” or at least until another contender comes along. It’s truly made for gaming, with a screen that delivers a 32:9 aspect ratio so you see every pixel of the game. The 1800R curved panel design lets you get lost in the gameplay or lose yourself in a viewing of a blockbuster movie like Jurassic World.

Gaming Monitor  Samsung Wide Gaming Monitor

Samsung promises a “billion shades of color” with this new monitor thanks to the Quantum Dot technology packed in it. You’ll experience your favorite games and movies unlike before. The screen is made to adjust for HDR (High Dynamic Range), with dark areas darker and bright eyes brighter for your vision.

The shift in detail will let you see shadows and subtle contrast easily whereas other traditional methods for gaming would hide these elements. Sounds nice, but what about the refresh rate? They seem to cover you there too: the monitor features 144 HZ screen refresh for “flawlessly smooth action scenes” and it can also be adjusted as needed to 60Hz/120Hz. The game display modes also reportedly “instantly optimize black gamma levels, contrast ratios, sharpness and color value settings for any game genre, be it FPS, RTS, RPG, or AOS.”

Serious Gaming On Samsung Wife Gaming Monitor

One thing to absolutely love about the CHG90 monitor is the eye-saver mode which reduces the blue light emissions to your brain. Research shows that blue light reduces melatonin production causes sleep disturbances, and during the day, you can develop eye strain or discomfort. Being able to toggle the eye-saver mode on and off is a great feature. You can also reduce neck strain thanks to the Height Adjustable Stand that the monitor features.

As someone who works with dual monitors, the CHG90 is attractive purely from a work standpoint. The images look crisp and beautiful, but it also eliminates the need for two monitors as it’s equal to two 16:9 monitors side by side.

If you’re image editing, writing, or doing any other task that may require more than two windows, it makes a great landscape to fly through windows and applications. Samsung anticipated that the CHG90 would be used in the workspace, so they added an awesome feature: Easy Setting — this box lets you partition your screen or display multiple screens of different sizes. And for when you’re not working, you can use Picture-to-Picture to connect your gaming views side by side.

Finally, in case you’re worried about compatability, don’t be: CHG90 supports AMD’s new Radeon FreeSync and all Steam games. You should be able to just open the box, plug it in and go — best of all, the company promises one thing cable is the only thing you have to rig up.   All of this awesome comes at a price, of course. You can expect to pay around $1,099 for the  CHG90 though it has gone down in price a bit on Amazon recently; their price is $749.


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