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Originally posted on February 6, 2017 @ 7:12 pm

33 Of The Best Whispers

33 Of The Best Whispers.

Teach me your ways!

I said “food,” not “condiments,” Mom!

They’ve learned well. They’ll make great husbands. If a woman is on her time, just go into the corner and throw chocolate at her, then leave. her. alone.

I sea no drawback to this. Where do I sign up?

Disney brings us all together. It’s the cirrrrrcle of life.


Now do the math for them, plebeians!

Pretty sure that turtle has had too many too..

That’s the best way to describe it.

So not a fan of Charlotte’s Web, I take it?

Or “You get an extra day.”

Only I get to complain about my brother!

But the Lego is way sharper.

“Someone is going to see red at the end of the day,” you should add!

Me: *won’t watch movies if the dog dies…there’s even a website to see if they do*

It’s the test of a relationship. Will you believe them?

You’re on the right step!

Nah, you’re the light of everyone’s life.

Are you high?

It’s your pop..secret?

We all do it.

But if they’re really bad, then they’re a distraction from you! Also you can blame things on them.

And remember who won.

Exactly. That’s my bar. Am I at octopus level? Not yet? Okay.

Sometimes too fine…

Best and scariest movie ever.

Have you watched reality tv?

…What is your phone made of?

We had this same conversation too!


Or five rounds of Candy Crush…

That’s..well, you’d be a good physical acting coach, maybe?


33 Great Inspirational Quotes.

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