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The animal kingdom is full of surprises and a wildlife photographer witnessed it in live action. Graham Dyer was working in Botswana, at the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. He was out there, trying to photograph some lions in nature. Looking for a group of lions, Graham Dyer also found a small fox near them. But he had no idea that he would capture this interesting moment.

This once in a lifetime event really changed the way we see nature!

17. A Close Encounter

One warm April day, the photographer was walking through the huge reserve. He was hoping to find a group of lions to take photos of them. The Kalahari Desert has only a few lions left, so Graham would have been lucky to find them. But he also found this…

16. A Cry of Help

Graham heard a cry of pain from an animal and as he followed the noise, he saw an injured fox. This is what he said: ‘a bat-eared fox had evidently injured its spine as it couldn’t stand on its hind legs’. The desert is brutal, but then this happened…

15. Something Nearby Moved

Looking at the poor animal, the photographer heard something moving nearby. As he turned around he saw a big group of lions!

14. Finding What He Was Looking For

Graham was happy to see the group of lions, but also sad, because the fox was in danger near the big animals. The photographer already knows the fate of the poor animal, but he would soon be proven wrong.

13. No Way to Help the Fox

Graham knows that there is no way that he could save the fox. If he approached it, the lions could attach Graham, thinking he’s stealing their food. So, he just observes the lions and hopes for the best…

12. A Rare Moment

Capturing photographs of lions in wildlife is a photographer’s dream. But Graham never would have thought that he will see these moments that he will never forget.

11. Taking a Closer Look

Usually, in a group of lions, there is a head female lion that leads the hunt. But the head female lion was missing. A weird noise woke up the large male lion, who then started investigating, only to find the injured fox. Will he kill the fox?

10. Finding His Queen

Approaching the injured fox, the male lion sees his queen. The lioness doesn’t attack the fox, but she investigates the injured animal. Because the fox had its spine injured, it couldn’t run away from the lions. You won’t believe what happened next.

9. A Mother’s Instincts

Once the male lion approached to kill the fox, the lioness tries to protect it, so she starts to fight the king lion to defend the injured little animal. What did the male lion do? He actually understood his queen’s intentions and backed down!

8. Roaring Out Her Intentions

The lioness has sent her message ant the king of the jungle had to obey her. It seems that the fox was no longer in danger. But then, the rest of the group started coming, after hearing the commotion between the two lions. Meanwhile, the fox looked terrified!

7. Checking Out the Weird Furry Thing

The lioness’ cubs come closer to the fox. She teaches her cubs that the fox is not food for now. Graham watches all of it and wonders how much longer will the fox survive. The injured fox stays by the lioness and we can see that it is very scared.

6. Even the Lion King Accepted It

The male lion no longer wants to kill the fox. Fortunately, the fox can now relax a bit and lie down. It still suffers from its injuries, and it won’t leave its savior’s side. Just looking at a fox sitting between lions without being eaten is amazing! But what did the lions did next?!

5. It’s Nap Time

The group then lies in the sun and the head lioness will take a quick nap near her new adopted fox. But this doesn’t last too long, as the sun is setting and it’s time to move to a safer place. The lions hear a commotion in the distance and they take off.

4. The Fox Is Left Alone

As the lions go away, the fox remains alone for some time. Graham spots them again and sees that the lions caught some dinner and now they’re washing. The fox is there too, safe for a few more moments. That’s until two jackals come to attack

3. Priorities

The jackals attack the injured fox and the lions stand and watch. The lioness’ priority is to defend her cubs from any danger. So, the fox is all alone against the hungry jackals, and it still moves slowly because of its injured spine.

2. A Miracle

Graham didn’t get to take photographs of the incident, but he said that the fox finally gets away from the jackals. He also said that a couple of days later, he saw the fox was feeling better and it was hanging out with the group of lions.

1. The Wild Animal Kingdom

This is truly a beautiful story that we would have never thought it would happen in the wilderness. Graham began his day believing he’ll capture some big cat moments, but he ended up with a heart-melting story.

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