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When one baby elephant got itself into a scary situation, the mother was unsure of what to do. Luckily, some amazing people nearby decided to help out and save the poor baby elephant. The mother was so grateful that she decided to thank them in the most amazing way!

20. Elephant Herd

Image: Animal Facts Encyclopedia

An elephant herd was traveling together through Urulanthanni, Kerala, India. Everything was going as usual. However, soon tragedy would strike.

19. Mud Hole

Image: Dailymotion

As the herd was walking by they passed by a pretty big mud hole. While much of the older tribe was able to pass by it without a problem, that wasn’t the case for one little elephant.

18. Falling In

The herd was almost all the way out when suddenly, one of the baby elephants fell into the mud hole! All of the elephants began to quickly scramble as they saw what had happened.

17. Helping

Image: Today Show

The herd quickly gathered together and began to try everything they could to get the baby elephant out of the mud hole. They tried for hours on end and couldn’t figure out what to do!

16. Devastated

Image: Honest To Paws

The most devastated of the bunch was the mother elephant, of course. She couldn’t bear to see her baby in the mud hole, struggling for its life. The mother elephant was quickly losing hope that she’d have her baby back.

15. Distress Calls

Image: Shamwari Game Reserve

Everyone throughout the area could hear the distress calls coming from this herd of elephants. Soon enough, a group of wildlife rangers heard the calls and decided to check out the situation to see what was going on.

14. Next Day


The next day, the group of wildlife rangers responded to the distress calls. They quickly found the herd of elephants surrounding a mud hole. At first, they couldn’t figure out why.

13. Confused


At first, the wildlife rangers were very confused by the entire situation. Why was an entire herd of elephants surrounding one mud hole? That’s when they finally saw the baby struggling in it.

12. Digging Out


The men knew they had to act fast or else the baby elephant wouldn’t make it. They quickly began to help dig the baby elephant out. It was a hard task but they knew they had to do it.

11. Getting Free


The wildlife rangers continued to dig and dig and at first, it felt like there was no end. Then, finally, after exerting so much energy, the baby elephant was able to break free of the mud hole.

10. Happy Baby


As soon as the baby elephant had managed to break free, it immediately ran toward the herd. The baby ran over to its mother and was so happy to be back in her embrace.

9. Happy Mother


As one might imagine, the mother elephant was the happiest of them all. In fact, she was so happy that she decided to declare her thanks to the men that helped save her baby.

8. Giving Thanks


The mama elephant was so grateful, in fact, that she decided to show her thanks in the most amazing way to the wildlife rangers. The rangers were shocked by how she decided to say thank you.

7. Raised Trunk


In order to show her gratitude, the elephant began to raise her trunk over and over. It was a spectacular moment and soon people watching by decided to record it.

6. A Witness


One of the witnesses who had been watching the rescue take place decided to record the mama elephant giving thanks. In the video, you can see just how happy she is!

5. Big Thank You


The mother elephant continued to lift her trunk and give thanks for quite a while. The men who saved the baby elephant truly felt appreciated.

4. Walking Away


Eventually, it was time for the herd to go on their way. After all, they had stopped at this one spot for quite a while. They finally embarked on their way.

3. Watching


The men watched as the elephants made their way back into the wilderness. They could see just how happy the mama elephant was to have her baby next to her once again.

2. Amazing Work


It was amazing work these men did to help rescue the tiny, helpless elephant. Without the men’s help, this poor elephant certainly wouldn’t have made it.

1. So Sweet

Image: YouTube

Rescue stories like this one are amazing to come across. It is so heartwarming to see a mother elephant reunite with her baby and show such great thanks to the rescuers!

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