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A vacation to Crete should always be a fantastic time. With the beautiful blue waters and tranquil, laid-back vibe, it should have been a memorable trip. For one woman, the trip nearly turned into a nightmare. Little did she know that her knight in shining armor would be a dog, and the god would save the day.

15. A Trip to Crete

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Crete is Greece’s largest island, known for its varied terrain, which includes spectacular beaches at Elafonisi to the White Mountains. It also has an amazing connection to mythology. Mt. Ida is home to the Ideon Cave, which was the birthplace of Zeus.

14. A Break from Studies

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For Georgia Bradley, a student at Plymouth University, Crete was just what the doctor ordered. Taking a break from her studies for a few days was going to let her soak in the sun on the beach. The nightlife is also a draw. Unfortunately for Bradley, things got off to a scary start.

13. A Holiday Gone Wrong

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Bradley was enjoying a nice day at the beach when two strange men approached her. The woman’s boyfriend was at a café so Bradley “decided to go for a walk along the beach, and found two Greek men who kept harassing me to go out for a drink. I kept telling them I didn’t want to.”

12. A Dangerous Approach

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She wasn’t looking for any male companionship, but they approached anyway. They wanted her to get a drink with them. She politely refused. That’s when the nightmare started.

11. The Men Attack!

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The two men became incomprehensibly violent. “Then one of them grabbed me on the arm and I didn’t know what was going to happen. I was on my own and it was a very scary and difficult situation.” Bradley was terrified. She was in a foreign country where she didn’t speak the language and now two men had cornered her while she was all alone.

9. A Defender Arrives


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Visions of terrible crimes entered her head. That’s when someone came to her defense. It wasn’t her boyfriend, nor was it another person who happened to be on the beach. Her guardian angel turned out to be of the four-legged variety.

8. The Dog is a Hero!

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The two men were grabbing at Bradley, and their activities caught the attention of a brave rescuer: a dog! The dog barked at the men, and if that wasn’t clear enough, she grabbed one of the men by the shirt sleeve. That scared them off! They ran away into the night.

7. A Grateful Woman

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Bradley was so grateful. She said the dog must have noticed something was wrong and had “saved” her. Although they tried to help the dog before returning to Cornwall, “Every time we got close to her she wouldn’t let you stroke her. She was very gentle, but was too scared to let you close.” Her attempt to get the dog to the shelter failed.

6. A Heartbreaking End?


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Although the dog wouldn’t let anyone get close, she was very taken with Bradley and her boyfriend. “When we left to go to the airport, we looked back and Pepper was running after the car. It was heartbreaking.”

5. An Idea


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Once she made it back to the UK, she kept thinking about the dog. “When I got home I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I took the soonest flight back out that I could, which was two weeks later. It was a real risk because we may never have found her again.”

4. Finding Pepper

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Would the dog, which is named Pepper, still be around the area? Thankfully, she was! “When we saw Pepper on the beach, it was the best feeling ever. ” It may have cost her hundreds of dollars in expenses, fees and quarantine requirements, but Bradley knows Pepper was worth it all.

3. A Travel Visa


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Bradley was able to confirm that the dog was indeed a stray. She arranged for Pepper to go to the vet, get a rabies shot, be de-wormed and even be given a pet passport. She then had to spend 21 days in quarantine. Finally, she was permitted to travel to the UK.

2. A Big Surprise

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Image: daily mail

And the biggest surprise was yet to come. Pepper the fiercely protective dog had another trick up her sleeve. Come to find out, when she arrived in the UK, she was hiding a big secret.

1. Puppies!

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Image: daily mail

Pepper the dog gave birth just one week after making it to the UK. Her big secret was six brilliant puppies. “It has been such a crazy journey. But I am over the moon. Pepper has settled in brilliantly,” she said. Pepper was even given an award for her bravery.

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