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It’s been a decade since the first Twilight film has come out and the memories of the films still stands out to most of us today. However, there’s nothing like taking a trip down memory lane and what better way than to recount some of the best moments from the films? Check out the top 20 moments from the Twilight movies that will make you want to rewatch the entire series from the start.


20. Edward Saving Bella

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Is there any scene more iconic than the one where Edward saves Bella’s life from an incoming car? In fact, this scene basically defined the films. It was the catalyst that propelled Bella to investigate into Edward’s secrets!!

19. Super Attractive

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The cafeteria scene in the first Twilight film gives us our first glimpse at the Cullen family. Everyone describes them as the most attractive students in the school and the movie doesn’t disappoint in that aspect. After all, look how dreamy Robert Pattison is as Edward…

18. Adventuring

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The scene where Edward brings Bella to the top of the trees in the woods is by far one of the most romantic! It was at the point that Edward was able to truly showcase his abilities to Bella. Bella, of course, was absolutely obsessed at this point with her mysterious vampire crush.

17. Saving Bella’s Life, Again

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Throughout the first film, Bella had a bad habit of getting into a bit of trouble. Luckily, Edward there to save her every time. In one of the final scenes of the first film, Edward’s rescues Bella’s life in a ballet studio. He does so in the most epic way, destroying another vampire in the process.

16. Prom Night

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Although Edward is a vampire, he still enjoys partaking in normal teenage fun like going to prom. In this scene, Bella is recovering after being attacked in the ballet studio. The couple share a dance and at that moment they feel as if the world has stopped for them.

15. Leaving Bella

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In the second film, Edward decides to leave Bella in order to protect her. However, this only sends Bella down a depression spiral that she can’t seem to get out of it. Still, this scene is one of the most memorable as you just feel Bella’s pain.

14. Jacob’s Secret

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In the second film, one of the most epic scenes is when we finally discover Jacob’s long kept secret. This finally brings about some competition between Edward and Jacob, as both men have superpowers and are both in love with Bella. The movie’s central love triangle is finally formed.

13. Competition Time

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For the rest of the movies, there is a constant competition between Edward and Jacob. The werewolf vs vampire dynamic follows the movie’s central theme as the two of them fight for Bella’s love. It sure makes for some awkwardly funny moments as well!

Next, we have THE most iconic scene in the movie…the moment Bella made her choice…

12. Marriage

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The scene where Edward and Bella finally tie the knot is one of the most iconic scenes. Finally, Bella has made her choice and she has chosen to be with Edward. Although the wedding was only fiction, it did give all of us a little hope for our own love lives.

11. Honeymoon Love

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Is there anything more romantic than the honeymoon phase of a relationship? Bella and Edward truly spent their honeymoon engaging in some wonderful activities. Dancing through the streets of Rio and then ending up on a private island beach, isn’t that what dreams are made?

Next, we have the moment that changed Bella’s life forever…

10. Vampire Bella

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The moment when Bella finally turns into a vampire is possibly the most iconic climax ever! Throughout the series we followed Bella as she wished to be with her love, Edward, forever. Now, her wish finally came true.

9. Pregnancy

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Bella’s pregnancy news was an incredibly life changing moment for everyone involved. After all, her baby wasn’t going to be 100% human and the plot of the movie only continued to thicken with the news of her pregnancy. The news soon led up to a pretty memorable scene…

8. Tough Pregnancy

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As Bella’s pregnancy continued, her health only got progressively worse and worse. Still, she refused to not carry her baby to full-term as she proved to be a dedicated mother. As Bella got skinnier and weaker, her appearance got more horrific to look at. This left us with a pretty remarkable scene to remember.

7. Jacob’s Imprint

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Another truly iconic scene is when Jacob imprints of Bella and Edward’s daughter, Renesmee. The scene was pretty controversial, since at that point, Renesmee became Jacob’s soulmate. Fans were a bit creeped out by the concept, but the books stated that Jacob wouldn’t pursue Renesmee until she was of age.

6. Bella Saves Edward

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In a twist of fate, Bella happens to save Edward’s life in the second film. It seems it would only be fitting for her to return the favor after Edward rescued her so many times. In this scene we get brought all the way to Italy where the Volturi resides.

5. Awkward Dates

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Is there anything worse than an awkward date? How about two? In this scene, Bella has somehow wound up on an awkward date with two guys – by accident of course. This scene will always bring back fond memories of the tiny competition that happened between Jacob and Mike while Edward wasn’t around.

4. Newborn Army

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After Edward killed Victoria’s partner who tried to kill Bella, Victoria devises a master plot to defeat them all. That’s the newborn army of vampires comes on the scene. This iconic scene when they all head out to battle the Cullen’s is truly a memorable one.

3. Sam & Emily’s Relationship

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In the scene leading up to this one, Bella is told by the wolf pack not to stare at Emily’s face. At first she doesn’t understand, that is until she sees Emily’s face for herself. We then learn about the soulmate connection between the wolves and their partners which leads into Jacob’s imprinting later on in the films.

2. Epic Battle

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In the final films, we get a vision from Alice about a battle that is supposed to take place. It is intimidating and it appears that a lot of lives would be lost. Luckily, the battle never actually takes place. Still, the vision was a scene that will stay in all of our minds forever.

1. The Cottage

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The cottage where Edward and Bella finally decide to settle down isn’t the most epic or startling scene, but it is peaceful and beautiful. This scene just goes to show that true love can give you the happy ending you’ve always dreamed of!

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