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The Polaroid Brand Returns

The Dutch photography company The Impossible Project, the same team who brought back Polaroid film for eager users of the vintage Polaroid cameras that floated around thrift stores and online auction sites, has resurrected the Polaroid for a new era. The introduction of the camera, as well as the acquisition of the Polaroid brand and intellectual property, has led the Impossible Project to rebrand themselves as Polaroid Originals.

Polaroid Onestep2 Camera

Forty years ago in 1977, the Polaroid OneStep arrived on the scene, making affordable instant photography a reality for families and children. Multiple other Polaroid cameras followed until The Polaroid Company announced they would stop production of the film in 2008 — that’s where then-The Impossible Project stepped in to continue the tradition, purchasing the company’s production equipment for $3.1 million.

Over the years, the manufacturers released a series of projects dedicated to preserving instant photography, including reproducing the Polaroid film for vintage cameras.

The Polaroid OneStep is back in 2017 to the delight of bloggers, camera enthusiasts and scrapbookers alike. 

Polaroid Onestep2 Instant Camera

Meet the Polaroid Originals OneStep 2

Now under pre-order and scheduled for an October 2017 release, the camera is known officially as the Polaroid Originals OneStep 2 Instant Analog Camera. This new Polaroid is estimated to ship October 16, 2017 and retails for $99. While the previous version of the Polaroid ran on replaceable batteries, the OneStep 2 features a rechargeable battery, promising 60 days of battery life with the camera’s included USB cord.

The OneStep 2’s design harkens back to the original Polaroid OneStep, with the same plastic body. Only 2 buttons are present on the camera, for easy point-and-shoot photography, just like the old days. Buyers get a choice of a black or white body, with both models featuring a built-in strobe flash, self-timer function and 2 ft to infinity lens. Polaroid Originals sells several types of instant film on their website, with the OneStep 2 compatible with 600 film and i-type film, running about $15.99 a box for 8 photos.

Polaroid Onestep2 In Box

Images with the Push of a Button

As the methods of photography have advanced through the years, with it easy to take a 1,000 pictures with the push of a button on your smartphone, there’s still a draw for the vintage style of photography. While you have the option for Polaroid-esque filters on Instagram, there’s nothing like holding in your hand a photo you actually created minutes after it was shot.

Polaroid Originals has brought that feeling back, and designed a camera that feels so old, yet with the heart of something new. Instant cameras are having a heyday recently, as the Instatax has become the favorite of the blogger, planner and scrapbooking community, but the cameras are nothing like the original Polaroid, the grandaddy of instant film photography.

Now generations who never knew the thrill of waiting for an image to develop can hold a real Polaroid picture in their hands. With its throwback vibe, easy-use feature, and rechargeable battery, expect to see this camera in many bags and totes this fall, and yes, even on Instagram.

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