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With UPLIFT Stand Up Desk You’ll Always Get 2 things Done

If you want to change the way you work, invest in a standing desk like the UPLIFT Reclaimed Wood Stand Up Desk. Standing desks have been proven to be one of the most revolutionary ways to work. Not only do you stretch your legs and back, but a standing desk helps with posture, increases physical activity, can lower blood sugar levels, and more.

Uplift Stand Up Desk

The UPLIFT Reclaimed Wood Stand Up Desk features a three-stage frame to let you adjust your height to how you like it plus a low-draw transformer that uses minimal energy. The frames offers the expanded height adjustment range of 25.75’’ while the desk has removable under-desk crossbars to make more room for your feet or accessories.

Best of all, the desk is made of locally and globally sourced parts assembled then shipped from Austin, Texas. Even the desktop is made of eco-friendly real world salvaged from Douglas Fir or Teak lumber sourced from all over the world, making each desk unique.

Standup Desk By Uplift

Standing desks are made to accommodate to you, and that’s what the UPLIFT Reclaimed Wood Stand Up Desk does well with its width-adjustable telescoping base so you adjust to the size of your desktop. To get the desk steady, there’s a control box haul sensor that aligns the feet for speed and makes the whole thing sturdy at each position. UPLIFT also features an all-aluminum foot for strength and durability plus sleek design; you’re even able to add casters to make your desk mobile if needed.

If you’ve never used a standing desk before, it can be a bit of an adjustment getting your perfect height, but once you get it, you don’t want to lose it; you don’t have to because the Advanced Keypad displays the current height of the desk in inches and stores four user-profile heights in its memory so you can retrieve your height instantly if you have a shared workstation.

When you purchase the UPLIFT Reclaimed Wood Stand Up Desk, you have a choice of either Douglas Fir Reclaimed Wood or Teak Reclaimed Wood for the desktop material. You can then add on accessories, including the Advanced Keypad, as needed. Options include the Advanced Keypad, wire organizers, file cabinet, adjustable footrest, and more. After you select your material, you can then choose your size, frame color, and what type of keypad you need.

Uplift Stand Up Desk Control

The UPLIFT Reclaimed Wood Stand Up Desk is a handsome addition to your workspace, and will let you change the way you work. The coolest thing about the desks are the fact that the wood is unique and special to just your desk, so it will have imperfections, blemishes and flaws. The base price of the UPLIFT Reclaimed Wood Stand Up Desk comes in at $984, and then your final price depends on the customizations you choose. You can get yours today from

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