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Allerstone Ship Whiskey Decanter

Whiskey, rye, bourbon, all of them are making a big comeback with local breweries and distilleries all over the country. We’re not all content to just buy at the liquor store, now we want to sip home brews and local spirits. If you want to really feel elegant and cultured, maybe it’s time to invest in a high-end alcohol decanter.

For me, I’m all about the Atterstone Cylinder Ship Whiskey Decanter set, which looks like it belongs in a stately library and not my rec room but who cares? It beats drinking whiskey out of a plastic Target glass, doesn’t it? Something just not “real” about that.

Ship Whiskey Decanter To Enjoy Whiskey In Style

The Elegance of the Atterstone Cylinder Whiskey Decanter Set

The Atterstone Cylinder Ship Whiskey set features a handblown glass design with a sailboat motif and a custom mahogany stand. It’s great for Scotch whiskey and the whole design features an elevated stand so you can fit your glass in securely underneath the decanter. Pour without wasting a drop is the goal here with the 115 ml capacity. Included are 2 whiskey glasses each with a weighted bottom for extra heft, while the dispenser has an adjustable rubber grommet for extra security.

Ship Whiskey Decanter With Wooden Stand

I’m still trying whiskey, but I loved the look of this set, especially since you don’t really see whiskey decanters in stores. This set seemed like a good option because it was a whiskey drinking kit, with a decanter, stand, glass stopper, and other accessories, such as a 9 whiskey chilling stones, plus a funnel. While not all of us — me — are lucky enough to have a real “home bar,” the bar cart I have does just nicely and this will really stand out. One of the best features for being anything is a sleek design to me, and this decanter fits the bill. It’s a compact set that makes use of space.

Two Whiskey Glasses After Being Decanted

Amazon has spotlighted this set for its hot new startups, and it certainly looks promising. There are other whiskey decanter sets for sale on the market, but under $100, this one looked like the right “starter” option for me. Atterstone has several other varieties of whiskey decanters including globes, barrels, and diamonds. They also have whiskey glasses if you want to expand your set. The Globe version has about 39 stars on Amazon, so it’s been around longer. Either one you pick, it’s good to have an elegant whiskey accessory, isn’t it?




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