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Are you as obsessed with Game of Thrones as we are? If so, you are probably just as curious about the stars of the show as you are about how GoT will finally end. Sophie Turner made a name for herself in Hollywood by taking on the role of Sansa Sark, the sister of Jon Snow and Arya Stark. On the show, Sansa is finally at full power, taking control of her own life. But what about Sophie Turner in real life? Are you curious about her pet dire wolf? Would it shock you to find out about the personal tragedy that she can’t seem to shake?  

The actors from Game of Thrones have managed to remain relatively private, so Turner’s personal stories will surprise and confound you. Let’s learn some amazing facts about the Stark matriarch. 

18: Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas: Gomez and Morticia Addams


Image: instagram

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas created one of the best couples’ costumes of Halloween 2018. She went as the legendary Morticia Addams and her fiance went as Gomez! They shared their photographs on Instagram. The amazing makeup was done by makeup artist Dusty Starks.

17. Sophie Turner’s Darkest Secret: Her Twin 

So Mashable

Image: mashable

Sophie Turner’s life started with a soap opera tragedy: she was meant to be a twin. Her mother was pregnant with Sophie and another child at the same time, but her twin died in utero. Despite miscarrying one twin, Sophie’s mother gave birth to a healthy daughter. It’s a bittersweet start to life that Sophie draws on when summoning her emotions during a scene. “My mum had a miscarriage – my twin died and I lived,” Turner said. “That definitely affected me in terms of I always felt as though… something was missing. I have two older brothers who are close in age and I always felt as though I needed someone or should have had someone there.” 

16. Sophie Turner’s Crazy Audition for Game of Thrones 

So 2 Youtube

Image: youtube

Getting the Game of Thrones job was no easy task. Sophie was still in drama school at the time and she heard about the audition through her drama teacher. ‘The casting director knew about the drama department at our school. I had four more callbacks in London. It was really intense, but fun,” she recalls. “I did a lot of chemistry tests with other people – the last one was with Maisie (Williams) who plays Arya. She is lovely.” You can watch the audition on YouTube! Game of Thrones chose virtual unknowns for some of its biggest roles, and the chemistry tests clearly paid off: the Starks seem like a real family. 


15. Sophie Turner Starred in a Music Video: Oblivion  

So Ny Post

Image: ny post

The band Bastille hired Sophie to star in their music video, “Oblivion,” in 2014. Although the vocals are obviously male, Sophie lip-syncs the words and the video was a big hit. The song became a hit around the world and it exposed new crowds to Sophie’s talents. It doesn’t hurt that the video featured Sophie rapping, leading many to wonder whether Sophie can actually rap in real life…  


14. Sophie Turner Does Indeed Rap 

So Rap

Image: fansided

Actually, the answer to that question is a resounding yes. Sophie is a rapper of sorts. She got plenty of attention for rapping “The Real Slim Shady,” but also a lot of attention for a dirty rap she did on Vine. It’s not like she isn’t willing to dive right in. Jump down the rabbit hole of Instagram and YouTube. You’ll be surprised what you find. 


13. Sophie Turner: The Weirdest Phobia 

So Best Ten

Image: best ten news

Phobias come in all shapes and sizes and some are weirder than others. It’s not spiders or heights that scare Sophie Turner. She’s worried about a much stranger thing: drains. That’s right, ordinary house drains that you see every day. Sophie told InStyle that, “I have a phobia of walking over drains—it freaks me out. I don’t know what it is, but I get so nervous whenever I see one. Someone once told me to say the word ‘onions’ when I walk over one and it will reverse the curse. So now I say it every time. I guess it’s a superstition thing, but it helps.” Maybe she picked up a few magic tricks from being in immersed in the worlds of George R.R. Martin.  

12. Sophie Turner Had to Escape from James McVey Mcvey

It’s not just Bastille that turned Sophie’s head: James McVey was also a part of her personal life, albeit briefly. McVey is a guitarist for the band The Vamps. The two dated in 2014 before their careers forced them to part. However, the relationship ended in a less than amicable way. The couple trashed each other on Twitter. Sophie was essentially over it, but James was mad to be dumped.  “Whatcha saying… Was this all an act? I know you’re an actress but this isn’t cool,” McVey posted to Twitter over a photo of the pair. Sophie wasn’t having it: “wow. Harsh words. Ps. Please stop texting me… it’s getting creepy and I’m sorry I’m not interested.” Sounds like McVey was more than a little bit obsessed. 

11. Playbox Theatre Gave Sophie Turner Her Start  

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Image: coventry telegraph

Playbox Theater was created in 1986. It was meant to be a place for children to learn to act on stage and screen. Their website says “imagination and theater” are the catalyst for Playbox students and Sophie agrees. “That was how my obsession [with acting] grew. I am still in Playbox. My first lead was in a production called Scary Play directed by Stewart McGill, who is amazing. Playbox is a fun environment. It’s not just a place for kids to hang around and be silly. We are all very serious about acting. They do not mold you into the actor they want but let you be yourself.”   

10. Sophie Turner is a Model Actress  


Image: celeb mafia

Like many actresses, Sophie is also a model. She works with Karen Millen, a United Kingdom clothing like. Today magazine reported that “The British actress was the face of the brand’s fall and winter campaign in 2014 and starred in their promo video, which was equal parts intriguing and annoying. In it, a camera stalked — spoiler alert, Turner — for nearly two minutes before she’s revealed. (By the time they do, you’d have thought the clip would resemble the infamous ending of the “Twilight Zone” episode Eye of the Beholder).” Like the Bastille video, the spotlight added more mystery to Sophie’s persona.  

9. Game of Thrones Delays Sophie Turner’s Wedding 

Image: youtube

Nobody knows when Game of Thrones will return for its final season, only that it will be sometime in 2019. While filming has officially ended, that doesn’t mean that the show isn’t interfering with Sophie’s wedding. She and Joe have not set a date, what with all the promotional responsibilities that come with the end of the acclaimed series. Although Sophie hasn’t commented too much on the Big Day, Maisie has: “We’re waiting until the season is done until we get into [wedding plans], but I think she’s already letting her little heart wander and imagine.” Will it be a small private affair or a giant bash? No one knows yet. 

8. Sophie Turner is Dead Serious About Instagram 


Image: instagram

Although you might think Twitter and Instagram are just for fun, they are actually monitored quite closely in the industry. In addition to offering promotional opportunities for products, film and TV producers use them to gauge the public’s interest in certain actors. Sophie Turner told Porter magazine that her huge number of Instagram followers actually help her beat out another actress for a role. “I auditioned for a project and it was between me and another girl who is a far better actress than I am, far better, but I had the followers, so I got the job,” she said. “It’s not right, but it is part of the movie industry now.” The more followers a person has, the easier it will be to promote the eventual movie or TV series. 


7. Sophie Turner’s Secret American Fling: fast food 

Tha National

Image: the national

Did you think we were going to say Joe Jonas? Everyone knows about that. No, Turner has a much darker obsession with America and that is U.S. fast food. Nothing else tastes so good while being so bad for your health. Sophie explained, “I spent a month working in Atlanta, and they have Chick-fil-A restaurants on every corner. It’s so good! I crave it. I also love Wendy’s Frosty milkshakes. And then there’s In-N-Out Burger in L.A. I mean, the best.” Has she ever heard of Shake Shack? If not, add that one to your list of dietary guilty pleasures.  

6. Sophie Turner’s Other Guilty Pleasure: Reality TV

Sophie Turner V2

Image: the independent


Some people consider reality TV a guilty pleasure and some call it pure trash. But Sophie enjoys it immensely. She discussed her reality preferences at Comic Con. When a fan asked which show she would like to do a crossover episode with, she named Keeping Up With The Kardashians.  “So we could [end] them,” she said. Few people would deny the immense joy of watching Sansa Stark taking out Kendall Jenner while Cersei deals with family patriarch Kris Jenner. Maybe the entire family needs to get acquainted with Dracarys! 


5. Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams: Sisters from Another Mister  

Gossip And Gab

Image: gossip and gab

Sophie Turner may have lost a sister or brother twin, but she gained a sibling in Maisie Williams. Maisie confirmed that she will be a bridesmaid in the upcoming wedding. The two are best friends and even appeared in together on James Cordon’s carpool karaoke. Although their characters haven’t always seen eye-to-eye, at the end of season six they seemed united. Only time will tell if they both make it to the finish. One thing is certain though: Sophie and Maisie will remain friends for the rest of their lives.  

4. Sophie Turner Also Stars in Movies 

Refinery 29

Image: refinery 29

Although Sophie is most recognizable for her Game of Thrones role, there is every indication that she will become a well-regarded film actress as well. She has already co-starred in X-Men: Dark Phoenix and X-Men” Apocalypse. She appeared in Another Me and Barely Lethal. The directors of all four films wanted Sophie to keep her hair dyed red for the roles. Essentially, she is best known as a redhead despite her natural color being blonde. That’s showbiz! 

3. Sophie Turner Adopted Sansa’s Dire Wolf 


Image: gizmodo

Game of Thrones fans were instantly smitten with the beautiful dire wolfs gifted to the Stark children. Then each dog lost its life. Sansa’s dog Lady met a particularly cruel end. However, the story of Sansa’s dire wolf had a happy ending. Zunni, the acting dog who played Lady, was adopted by Sansa’s family. That means there’s a little bit of truth-is-better-than-fiction for the canine and woman duo. 

2. Sophie Turner’s Real Hair Color: It’s Blonde 


Image: elle

Sophie is a natural blonde. In fact, she has the kind of blonde hair that most women dream of having, and she likes it that way. But guess who doesn’t? Hollywood casting agents. When she was 13, she had to dye her hair bright red to win the role of Sansa Stark. Despite her great natural look, directors and producers prefer to see her sassy red hair. Red is an alluring, mysterious and fiery look, but according to Sophie, she feels most like herself when she is rocking her natural color. 

1. Sophie Turner Defends Sansa Stark! 

Image: maxim

Many people have mixed emotions toward Sansa Stark, if not outright hostility. That has something to do with her schoolgirl crush on the horrible Joffrey, especially when she seemed to choose the bratty little tyrant over the Stark family. However, Sansa has been a pawn for most of the series and is just now coming to control her own destiny. Sophie is eager to defend her character’s choices, too. She jumped to Sansa’s defense on Twitter when a fan was justifying the behavior of treacherous Littlefinger. After the fan said, “He just wanted justice on the society for his humiliation, they looked down on him because of his poor background. He never hurt Sansa,” Sophie rejected the claim. “Nah.. just willingly sold her to the Bolton’s… who [ended] her family… who ended up [hurting] her… but ur right.. no harm done.”  

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